Philip A. Classen

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Philip A. Classen, Ph.D., C. Psych., RMFT
Registered Psychologist
Clinical Fellow, CAMFT
Individual Couple, and Family Therapy
Adult and Adolescent Psychology
Trauma - EMDR (Level 2)

Philip Classen is a skilled psychologist and marriage & family therapist with excellent education, training and clinical experience.  He completed a AAMFT accredited Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy in 1988, at the Fuller School of Psychology, in Pasadena, California, and a Ph.D., in Marriage & Family Therapy, with an emphasis in Clinical Psychology, in 1993, also at the Fuller School of Psychology.

Dr. Classen’s clinical work has included over twenty years of provision of psychological assessment and psychotherapy; graduate level teaching in psychology and marriage & family therapy (in both California and in Ontario), extensive work in clinical training and supervision of mental health graduate students and professionals.  He obtained post-graduate credentialing in the treatment of trauma (i.e., EMDR level 2 certification).

Combining a personal passion about the benefits of psychotherapy with consistently striving for the highest professional standards, Dr. Classen has worked with diverse populations – including individual adolescents and adults, couples and families – with particular sensitivity for diverse faith communities and cultures.

Dr. Classen has provided help and support for:  Individuals, couples and family members who struggle with unresolved relationship conflict and alienation with intimate partners (e.g. through helping couples and family members give and receive – empathy, listening, trust, and respectful communication).  Dr. Classen provides therapeutic support to people struggling with depression, anxiety, and difficulties associated with major life transitions (e.g., adolescent development of identity, adolescent differentiation from parents and siblings heading into adulthood, dating and marriage, birth of children, and parenting of children at all stages of development, empty nest couples, and retirement and aging).

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